Is Michaiah Hanks Related To Tom Hanks? Her Mother, Age, Birthday, Net Worth

Michaiah Hanks is the granddaughter of Oscar-winning legendary actor, Tom Hanks. Besides, her father is also an actor and musician, who is following in his father’s footsteps.  

Get to know about the young Michaiah Hanks, including her mother, age, birthday, bio, net worth, height, ethnicity, and more. 

Michaiah Hanks And Tom Hanks Relationship

Michaiah Hanks and Tom Hanks share the relationship of grandfather and granddaughter. Her grandad, Tom Hanks, is a veteran actor known for his unparalleled role in numerous successful movies.

Tom initiated acting in the year 1977. After that, he kept on giving promising performances one after another, including in the movies like Philadelphia, Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan. He even bagged two Oscars in the Best Actor category.

Michaiah’s father is one of Tom’s two sons from his married life with American actress, singer Rita Wilson. Besides, Tom had one son and daughter from his previous married life with his late wife, actress Samantha Lewes

Who Is Michaiah Hanks’ Mother? Her Parents, Siblings

Michaiah’s mother is an Alabama-born media personality, Tiffany Miles. She was born in the early nineties in Bessemer, Alabama, the United States. She comes from a black ethnic background.

Tiffany graduated with a BA degree in Broadcast Journalism at the California State University-Northridge. Following her graduation, she began her internship at KMIR 6 News.

Tiffany later joined the Advising Resource Center as a Lead Administrative Assistant in 2010. She met Michaiah’s father in 2015, and one year later, Michaiah came into this world. 

Michaiah is the only child of her parents so she doesn’t have siblings yet. 

Michaiah Hanks Wiki; Age, Birthday, Bio, Ethnicity

Born in 2016, Michaiah Hanks hails from Los Angeles, California. Michaiah celebrates her birthday on 16 April every year and is now 5 years of age. She holds mixed ethnicity as her father is of American descent and her mother’s roots are from Africa.  

Michaiah’s father is Chet Hanks, an American actor and musician. Born on 4 August 1990, Chet is known professionally as Chet Hanx. He is Tom Hanks’ elder son from his marriage with Rita Wilson.

Michaiah’s father Chet and her mother Tiffany met through an accident back in 2015. The two were neither dating each other nor married when they welcomed Michaiah into this world. Actually, as Chet was fighting with drugs that time, he indulged in a drug-filled one-night stand with Tiffany.

As a result, Michaiah was born in 2016. Although the couple is not together, they go along very well as co-parents and take equal care of Michaiah. 

How Much Is Michaiah Hanks’ Net Worth?

Michaiah basks on the healthy earnings of her entertainer father who has a net worth of $3 million. As an actor, Chet had recurring roles on TV shows like Empire and Shameless.

Besides, he commenced his music career in 2011 after recording a song called White and Purple. Later on, he teamed up with Drew Arthur and recorded a number of songs like Models, NowhereLand, Harley, and Ticket Out My Head. 

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