Moon Knight Takes Disney+ By Storm; Is It The Best Marvel Series Yet?

The most-anticipated Marvel television series, Moon Knight, takes the center stage. So far, the show is done with two episodes. The third episode of the inaugural season is set to air on 13 April 2022.

Disney+ ran riot by introducing a number of Marvel superhero shows in the past year. With the likes of WandaVision, Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, What if…?, and Hawkeye, fan’s kept on wanting more.

To tell you the truth, Disney+ didn’t disappoint its fans in the year 2022 either!

Disney+ introduces a more horror-ish, darker, and intriguing Marvel superhero series in the form of Moon Knight. Well, the show’s release offered a bit of a breath of fresh air to Marvel fans.

With the likes of Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, and F. Murray Abraham displaying their tremendous on-screen magic, Moon Knight was released on 30 March 2022. The first episode titled “The Goldfish Problem” has already received 8.2 stars on IMDb, as of now.

A week later, the show aired its second episode titled “Summon the Suit”. The second episode was equally loved by the fans as it has 8.4 IMDb stars up till now.

So what’s Moon Knight actually about and is it the best the Marvel has yet offered on TV?

What’s Moon Knight Actually About?

Marc Spector, portrayed by American actor Oscar Isaac, is a mercenary with a dissociative identity disorder. He then gets drawn into a deadly mystery that involves Egyptian gods with his multiple identities. One of those identities is Marc Spector/Moon Knight.

Folks, that’s what the series is all about. Looks simple, right? Well, you won’t believe how darker and intense it gets as the story moves forward.

Oscar’s character is Jewish, who becomes the avatar of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. One of his multiple identities is Steven Grant. Steven is a mild-mannered British gift-shop employee who constantly suffers blackouts and memories from another life.

Every night, he turns into Mr. Knight, when he switches to Khonshu’s avatar. He is in battle with Arthur Harrow, portrayed by four-time Oscars-nominated actor Ethan Hawke. Ethan’s character is a religious zealot and cult leader who associates with the Egyptian goddess, Ammit. He sees Isaac’s character as an obstacle to him healing the world.

Basically, the series makes you feel you are watching a dark mystery and it’s quite unique from other Marvel stuff.

How to Watch Moon Knight’s Episodes?

Moon Knight premiers on Disney+ where you can watch the show’s all six episodes.

Besides, if you are located in India, you can stream the series on Disney+ Hotstar.

Is Moon Knight Marvel’s Best Series Ever?

Moon Knight has already left fans buzzing, and the show’s not even completed its first season yet. With a gripping story and dark suspenseful elements, fans can get the same vibe as DC’s Batman film series.

Not to forget, Isaac’s solid performance as the show’s lead makes it more appealing. Besides, his accent is also something to talk about!

Moon Knight has received a mixed reaction from fans and followers over the internet. Some are appreciating the show for its gripping start, while a few are labeling it as “just a tribute to Venom.”

Well, we have to watch how the show goes with all the episodes that are coming up next. So far, Moon Knight looks promising and a contender to become one of the best Marvel series ever.  The creative team just needs to finish things well.

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